Important principles in providing healthy food for children

At first glance it looks easy and trivial. However, do not be careless when providing nutritious food for children.

Here are important rules that parents should understand:

The more diverse the food, the more nutrients you get

If you are shopping for healthy food for children, don’t buy the same ingredients.The more variety of food your child eats, the more nutrients he gets.The reason is, there is no perfect food that can meet their nutritional needs.

In addition to meeting their daily nutritional needs, combining a variety of food menus also prevents your little one from feeling bored.Because if you’re already bored, your child might even go on strike or be lazy to eat.

Get used to the child for breakfast every day

Breakfast is very important because it contributes some energy to support children’s activities since the morning.Especially because starting in the morning, children already need a lot of energy to be active and study at school.

So, what happens when a child goes to school with an empty stomach and rumbling?

Instead of being more focused when studying, children may find it difficult to concentrate and absorb lessons because their bodies are weak.In addition, breakfast also helps provide a little energy reserve before being fully charged during the child’s lunch hour.

Make mealtime a priority

From a young age, do not get used to children eating while pursuing other activities. Whether it’s playing, fiddling with gadgets, or watching TV.

This can make him less focused when eating, even becoming a bad habit into adulthood.Make mealtime an important routine to build healthier habits.

In addition to serving a variety of healthy food sources for children, make it a habit to eat with other family members at the dinner table.

Spending time eating with children like this can be a good opportunity to monitor their daily eating habits.

You can ask about what foods and snacks your child eats today, and remind them of the good and bad of consuming these foods.

Involve children more often when choosing their food intake

In the beginning, the child may be more interested in choosing the type of food that is less healthy but tasty for him.

Your task here is to help children to sort out which types of food are good and which are not good for consumption.

Limit the consumption of sugar, salt, and fat in a day according to the rules

Although needed by the body, but the daily intake of sugar, salt, and fat should not be too much or even a deficiency.Ideally, a maximum of 50 grams of sugar a day, or about 4 tablespoons.

While salt should be no more than 5 grams or the equivalent of 1 teaspoon per day.Likewise, fat should not be more than 67 grams per day or the equivalent of 5 tablespoons.

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