Access to eating halal food when visiting abroad is very difficult to find for Muslim travelers. Indeed, finding this in a non-Muslim majority country is somewhat difficult. Even so, that doesn’t mean you don’t eat, you know!

Before that, you also need to understand the concept of halal in Islam first, so you won’t get confused when hunting for food in other countries. So, what are the tips? Cuss.. Read below!.


The first thing to do before starting an adventure is in-depth research on your destination. Find out about the country’s culture, traditions, customs and the majority of the population. Does the country have a non-Muslim majority?


Seafood or vegetarian menu can be an option. Avoid meat menus whose halal status is still ambiguous.


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At first glance it looks easy and trivial. However, do not be careless when providing nutritious food for children.

Here are important rules that parents should understand:

The more diverse the food, the more nutrients you get

If you are shopping for healthy food for children, don’t buy the same ingredients.The more variety of food your child eats, the more nutrients he gets.The reason is, there is no perfect food that can meet their nutritional needs.

In addition to meeting their daily nutritional needs, combining a variety of food menus also prevents your little one from feeling bored.Because if you’re already bored, your child might even go on strike or be lazy to eat.

Get used to the child for breakfast every day

Breakfast is very important because it contributes some energy to support children’s activities since the morning.Especially because starting in the morning, children already need a lot of …

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Your own kitchen may seem boring at times

You can change that by turning cooking into a hobby out of cooking. Here are some tips to give you a few ideas.

Always keep your spices stored in a dark and cool place. Your culinary preparations will taste better if your spices are fresher.

This will help keep the foods flavor locked in and make your food more flavorful when it is ready to serve.

You should never attempt to cook new or extravagant recipes you don’t have experience with. This will ensure that your cooking process.

To make your French fries crisper, let the raw potatoes soak for about half an hour in cold water prior to frying.

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Garlic is among the multitude of many tasty ingredients that offers flavor with a downside

it transfers to your hands and fingers. Try rubbing your hands on the inside …

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Christmas CookiesOne of the most extremely anticipated holiday traditions in lots of households is the making and baking of Christmas cookies. The differences in bread flour vs. all-goal flour for gluten-free mixes, once more, depend on the model. The ingredients fluctuate, as does protein content and the really useful amount of liquid to add to every bake. The good news is that gluten-free bread flour substitutes can create loaves that taste remarkably much like the “real thing” made with wheat.

Kristine is 10, and began with easy chocolate chip cookies. As soon as she had that mastered, I was apparently no longer needed within the kitchen. She now pours over recipe books until she finds one thing attention-grabbing and tweeks” it to make it her personal. I am not allowed to assist at all. Final week she discovered a chocolate cookie recipe that she tailored by adding crushed sweet canes instead …

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Banana Bread RecipeThere’s positive is nothing that says home just like the smell of recent-baked bread. Altered ingredient quantities. Used Self Raising flour instead of plain hour and baking soda. How Ripe Should They Be? You need your bananas to be ripe with many black spots, this implies they’re soft and stuffed with sugars. You may peel them and freeze them to make banana bread at a later date too. Release this beautiful ultra moist & scrumptious banana bread from the cake pan.

Similarly, you may play with how sweet you need it, and alter the sugar accordingly. For even more flavors, you possibly can toss in a cup of chopped nuts, raisins, or chocolate chips. As soon as baked, you will end up with the GREATEST slice of warm, recent-baked banana bread. This is one of the best Banana Bread recipe that’s buttery, gentle, and super delicious. It requires just a …

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CrawfishCooking in the coronary heart of Cajun nation is an art form. Preparation and flavor: It is kind of unimaginable to tell the distinction between lobsters and crawfish when they’re ready the same method. Although some may say that lobsters taste a bit bit saltier on account of their prolonged stay in saltwater, the reality is that the difference in taste has much less to do with the habitat of the creature and extra to do with how it is prepared.

A recipe for peanut butter cookies topped with chocolate kisses. These cookies are delicious and a favorite with youngsters. Adults have a tendency to search out them addicting too. In a big skillet, soften butter over medium heat; add onion, bell pepper, and garlic; prepare dinner until softened. Add soup, evaporated milk, salt, and peppers. Add cornstarch mixture. Spending time in Woodley Park? Get to know this Washington neighborhood …

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LasagnaThere are many wealthy and delightful homemade lasagna dishes however this is excellent for both vegetarians and meat eaters alike. Lasagna is basically a layered Italian casserole made up of three elements: meat sauce, cheese combination, and pasta sheets. Remember that cottage cheese is slightly runnier than ricotta, which holds it shape better, so your lasagna could also be a little soupier than for those who used only ricotta, but you may combat this change in texture with a few methods.

You may begin with lasagna noodles. For two folks, often four lasagna noodles sufficient. It’s two per particular person. Prepare dinner the noodles in keeping with package directions utilizing the minimal cooking time. Permit the noodles to cool while you prepare the stuffing. This is the first recipe I’ve read from you Linda. Lasagna is my private favourite dish and this recipe sounds absolutely scrumptious.

This do-it-yourself easy lasagna …

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Cheesecake RecipeA cheesecake needs to be comparatively trouble free however sometimes problems do come up. Through the years, we’ve been requested the next questions. Cheesecake is an ever in style dessert, with it is buttery biscuit base and smooth, creamy topping, it lends itself to a huge number of flavour combinations, both candy and savoury. Cheesecakes had been originally made as a type of baked curd cheese tart, however are immediately extra associated with the American variations using delicate cream cheese, which may either be both be baked or fridge-set.

With each sweet and salty in the combine, these cookies will keep everyone happy. This more healthy rendition is made with chickpeas, entire-wheat flour and rolled oats and sweetened with apple butter and coconut sugar Canned chickpeas give these cookies a little bit of fiber and protein, providing 2 grams of every nutrient per cookie. The legume can be loaded with …

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