Located in the shadow of the Dolomites, Alto Adige is a wonderland for travelers seeking fabulous wine and spectacular scenery. While it may not have the cachet of other wine destinations, this unique region in Northern Italy is well worth visiting.

Wine at Rebhof Kastelbell in Alto Adige

Alto Adige is a great place for wine. You can taste it. You can buy it. It’s a wine region that’s relatively under the radar in today’s wine world.

But visit the area, more commonly known among locals as Sudtirol, and you’ll find a wine culture that’s existed for over a thousand years.

Daryl Tastes Wine at Kellerei Bozen in Bolzano
Tasting wine is both educational and fun at wineries like Kellerei Bozen in Bolzano.

This entire region is a wine lover’s dream.

In a world where wine has been increasingly globalized, corporatized, homogenized and price-inflated, winemakers in Alto Adige sell quality ‘juice’ at a fraction of the price charged in pinot producing regions in France and

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